Similarly as with numerous open air extends, an inappropriate climate and over the top normal components can unleash devastation on your outcomes. Recoloring your deck or fence is the same. Prior to you, or a group of experts, set out on this undertaking, it’s imperative to design fittingly. The best season for recoloring is subject to where you live, as common components shift from area to area. In this blog entry, we will concentrate on the particular climate conditions that you should focus on and give our general regular suggestion to fence recoloring.


The principal thing on our rundown of climate conditions to keep away from when recoloring your fence or deck is self-evident. In addition to the fact that rain makes for an awkward working encounter, however it will really demolish the consequences of your stain. In contrast to paint, recolor really drenches into the wood and truly recolors the top layers of the boards. This implies in addition to the fact that you should abstain from recoloring while it’s coming down, however you ought to likewise know about the climate conjecture for in any event 48 hours after the task’s finish.

On the off chance that downpour (or any water) hits your recently recolored fence or deck inside 48 hours, the water will drench into the deck and attempt to uproot the stain. This will either bring about your deck looking splotchy, or the stain will strip and chip off. The more drawn out your deck remains dry, the more secure your outcomes will be!


Albeit a large number of us loathe dampness since it very well may be awkward, its essence can really be a significant barricade for recoloring ventures. The perfect dampness level is somewhere in the range of 40 and 70 percent, so for most territories this won’t be an issue. Stickiness assumes a colossal job in drying time, and if it’s excessively muggy, your deck or fence won’t dry appropriately. Like the issues the dampness from downpour brings to your recoloring venture, the dampness from stickiness can likewise drench into your wood. This will leave you with the equivalent messy and uneven look that downpour can cause.


Most produces suggest applying stain when the temperature is around 70 degrees. While this is the ideal temperature, you can go up to around 90 degrees without any issues. Obviously experts have their own tips and deceives to work with different temperatures, however 70 degrees is the general guideline. On the off chance that the temperature is too cool when you endeavor to apply the stain, the relieving procedure will be influenced. Then again, if the temperature is excessively hot, the stain can dissipate and dry too rapidly, so you won’t see any results.

While recoloring is regularly a genuinely brisk venture that brings enduring outcomes, it is just worth doing when the conditions are correct. As energized as you might be to complete the task, you would prefer not to burn through your cash and time, and inordinate downpour, mugginess or temperatures can demolish your outcomes. Considering every one of the components, pre-summer is commonly the best season to recolor your fence or deck. That being stated, it’s a great opportunity to book your fence or deck recoloring with the experts at New Vision Exteriors. Arrangement your complimentary meeting today!

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